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Personal injuries can occur in many ways and at almost any time. However, when those injuries can be traced to the negligence or intentional actions of another party, you have the right as the injured party to demand compensation.

This financial recovery can be used to pay for medical bills, recover lost wages, or even compensate for pain and suffering. However, defendants and their insurance companies are usually hesitant to issue checks. Plaintiffs must approach their claims from a position of strength and be ready to present powerful evidence in their favor.

A Tampa personal injury lawyer may be able to help you demand appropriate compensation for your injuries. Whether these injuries were suffered due to a car accident, a slip and fall, or even a dog bite, a skilled attorney could increase your chances of having a successful claim.

Types of Cases Handled by Personal Injury Lawyers

A Tampa personal injury lawyer represents victims who have suffered injuries due to the actions of others. These injuries are typically the results of accidents such as car crashes or pedestrian accidents. However, some injuries are the result of intentional acts. If a victim of a crime wants to demand compensation from their attacker for their personal injuries, a Tampa criminal court is powerless to help. However, a personal injury lawyer may be able to file a related but separate case in civil court to demand compensation.

Other cases result from professional malpractice. All doctors, dentists, hospitals, and nursing homes have a legal duty to care for their patients with an ordinary level of skill. If they fail in this duty, and the patient becomes more ill or suffers a new injury, that medical practitioner may be liable for civil damages. Finally, personal injury lawyers handle cases where people have sustained injuries while visiting another’s property. These types of cases center around an argument that the landowners did not take adequate steps to protect their visitors from foreseeable harm.

Statute of Limitations

Every type of case has its own specific standards regarding when a plaintiff must come forward. However, most cases follow the general state-enforced time limit, known as the statute of limitations, for personal injuries. According to Florida Statute §95.11, plaintiffs in these case must file a claim within four years of the injury. However, other more specialized cases may shorten this period.

Which Damages May a Plaintiff Claim for Compensation?

While mental anguish and property damage may be substantial after an accident, the law requires all personal injury cases to start with physical harm. This can be something as simple as a sprained ankle or a deep cut, or it could be a severe injury that requires surgery and extensive rehabilitation. Most serious are claims that demand compensation for a permanent loss of bodily function or total disability.

A defendant can be held responsible for all damage they cause, regardless of the prior health of the plaintiff. Just because an elderly citizen may be more susceptible to injuries by falls does not mean that a negligent landowner could not responsible for injuries they cause to occur.

The same logic applies to riders of bicycles and motorcycles who use public streets. Because the law allows these people to use roads, all other drivers must respect that right. A Tampa personal injury lawyer can work with victims to evaluate the true value of their claim and ensure that settlement offers provided by insurance companies accurately reflect that value.

Find a Strong Ally in a Tampa Personal Injury Attorney

The immediate aftermath of a personal injury can be a chaotic time. You may be struggling to get your life back in order, suffering from extreme pain, or seeking steady medical care. All the while, you may be losing wages at work, and the quality of your family life may be declining.

Regardless of how the injury happens, if it is someone else’s fault, they can be held liable and made to provide compensation. A Tampa personal injury lawyer could be dedicated to helping you and your family obtain fair payments for your injuries.

Most cases end with a fair settlement without ever going to court. If it is necessary to take the case to trial to get you what you deserve, though, an attorney could work on your behalf to present your case to a jury. Call today to schedule a consultation and get started on your case.

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