Tampa SSI Denials Overview

If your supplemental security income (SSI) claim is denied in Tampa, you may have options. You may be able to file an appeal depending on the specific circumstances. To determine what options are available in your case, it is important to speak with an experienced SSI lawyer. An attorney can help you determine your options and may be able to bring an appeal on your behalf.

What Happens if an SSI Claim is Approved?

When a person is granted SSI benefits from their initial application, they are going to be contacted by their local field office. The local field office will be reaching out to verify assets, household income, and other resources to assure that the person does actually qualify for SSI benefits. They will also begin setting up the payment process.

Submitting Further Information

Before receiving benefits, a person may need to provide additional documentation supporting their financial needs. If there is household income or debts that they owe, if they no longer own certain assets, they just may need to provide documentation supporting that so that Social Security can verify that they do, in fact, qualify for SSI.

What Happens if Someone Was Not Granted Enough Money?

If someone believes they have not been granted enough money, they may not have many options. The SSI amount is a set amount meaning there is generally no way to add to that amount.

Appealing a Denial in Tampa

A person can be denied SSI from the initial application if they have too many assets or too much household income. When that happens, there may not be much they can do. However, if a person receives a medical denial for SSI, that is because the evidence did not support their disability according to the Disability Determination Services.

Medical denials happen very frequently. Most people are denied at the initial level and then are denied again at the reconsideration level. Most cases are only successful at the hearing level of a claim.

After being denied, a person has the option to file a request for reconsideration within 60 days of the denial. They would submit any information related to updated medical treatment or any new or worsening conditions. Additionally, they can also express any additional concerns or support for their disability claim.

The form to file an appeal can be somewhat basic, but the process can be complicated. It is important to use an attorney who knows what language to use to answer some of the questions on the form. They do not want to provide too much or too little detail.

How an Attorney Can Help Following a Tampa SSI Denial

It is important for an attorney to help after a Tampa SSI denial. When most people receive an initial denial, they get discouraged and think that that is the end of their claim. They do not necessarily realize that there is this lengthy appeal process and that their chances of success might increase as the process goes on. Having an attorney who is familiar with the process and the administration can help you understand what is next. Additionally, when it comes to filing an appeal, lawyers know what information should be included. If there is a denial, they can take a look and fix any incorrect information. To discuss your options, call today.

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