Tampa SSI Application Process Overview

In Tampa, the process of filing for SSI is similar to the filing of SSDI in that the content of the application is similar. The Tampa SSI application process is going to involve background and personal information.

Fortunately, a seasoned SSI lawyer could help from the beginning of the application process as they know what information Social Security needs to best assess their claim.  An attorney could make sure that they are prepared for the application so it is complete application and Social Security can obtain everything they need to make a very thorough evaluation and decision.

How Long Does the SSI Application Process Take?

The entire SSI claim process can take up to two years. If the person is not awarded at the application or the reconsideration level, then they will be going to a hearing, and the entire process can take about two years. This can change in events of financial hardship or terminal illnesses.

There is not much people can do to help expedite this process. However, once someone receives the forms from Social Security, it is best to complete them as soon as possible and send them back. An attorney could help with the Tampa SSI application process to ensure everything is filled out correctly. In addition, it might help if they have the ability to obtain their medical evidence directly from their providers. Even sometimes communicating with their physicians and letting them know what to expect can help expedite the process as well.

Stages of the Application Process

The first stage of the SSI application process in Tampa is to file the initial application. The applicant’s claim will be assessed ultimately by the Disability Determination Services and a decision will be made. If it is a denial, then a skilled lawyer can help them file a request for reconsideration. In a reconsideration, they will obtain updated medical information or information about them, their claim is assessed again, and a decision is made. If it is a denial, the lawyer files a request for hearing. Ultimately, at that point, they will go in front of a judge. The judge will make a de novo review. They will take a fresh look at their case, analyze all the updated medical evidence, and make a new determination in their claim.

When and Where to File an Initial SSI Claim

A person should file their initial claim as soon as they determine that they are too disabled to work because their back pay cannot extend prior to their application date. As soon as they have made the determination that they are too disabled for employment, they should start the Tampa SSI application process.

A person can file an initial claim with their local field office or an experienced attorney’s office. The paperwork for the initial claim will ask the person for their personal background information, the date of disability, what conditions prevent them from being able to work, their medical history, and their work history. For an initial claim, a person does not have to provide any additional documentation because Social Security will either request it on their behalf or request certain things from them.

Reviewing the SSI Application

During this period of time, the Security Administration or even the Disability Determination Services within SSA are working to obtain all of the applicant’s medical documentation. They may be getting additional information from them with items such as pain, daily activity, and work history questionnaires. They are just obtaining information to be able to assess their claim, because it is DDS who is reviewing all this information to determine whether or not they are disabled. They are looking at their medical evidence in detail and assessing their symptoms. They are comparing that to the reports that they have filled out and the claims that they have made, and they will ultimately determine whether they can return to their past work or whether or not there are any other types of work they can do as well.

If you have any questions regarding the Tampa SSI application process, reach out to an accomplished lawyer today.

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