Tampa Long Term Disability Lawyer Overview

Do You Need a Long Term Disability Attorney?

More than one in five workers will be disabled for five years during their working careers. And most disabling accidents are not work-related. That means workers’ compensation will not provide assistance if you are disabled and unable to work. If you develop a long-term disability, you may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits. Did you know two-thirds of SSDI claims applications are initially rejected? If this sounds familiar, a Florida long-term disability benefits lawyer may be able to help get assistance for you and your family.

The experienced disability benefits lawyers at Disparti Law Group, P.A., have helped disabled individuals in Florida obtain long-term disability benefits for 30 years. Whether you are in Tampa, Holiday, Miami, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Port Charlotte, Fort Myers, Naples or Bonita Springs, one of our Florida Social Security disability benefits attorneys is ready to answer your questions. Contact a Florida long-term disability benefits lawyer at Disparti Law Group, P.A., toll free at 888-861-7757, or use our online contact form. We offer a free initial consultation.

If you or a loved one is unable to work due to a disability that may be long-term or permanent, it’s important to understand your legal rights and options for assistance.”

What You Need to Know About Long-Term Disability

The aging of America’s working population is driving an increase in claims for Social Security disability insurance. More than 36 million Americans are classified as disabled, or about 12 percent of the total population, according to the U.S. Census. The majority of long-term disabilities occur as a result of musculoskeletal disorders, muscle and joint pain, spinal disorders, heart disease and circulatory disorders, cancer, or heart attack, according to Council for Disability Awareness, a non-profit organization. Nearly a third of long-term disability claims involve musculoskeletal tissue disorders.

If you have a disease or disability that prevents you from working, you may be entitled to Social Security disability benefits. Generally speaking, you must have a long-term disability that will prevent you from working for at least 12 months. Social Security definitions of disability are strict. You may have to persist through several rounds of appeals to obtain the SSD benefits to which you’re entitled.

How a Tampa Disability Attorney Can Help With Long Term Disability Claims

About a third of U.S. workers in the private sector have long-term disability insurance provided by an employer or pay for their own long-term disability insurance policies. Even if you have long-term disability insurance, the insurance company may deny your claim for long-term disability benefits if you are unable to work. That shouldn’t happen, but it does. As experienced disability benefits lawyers, we see this happen all too often. The insurance company may claim that your injury doesn’t meet the definition of disabled as it appears in the policy. You can file a lawsuit against the insurance company that denied your long-term disability claim after going through the administrative appeals process to challenge the denial. As with SSD benefits, you may have to appeal a denial. An aggressive long-term disability benefits attorney can guide you through the appeal process and help you receive the benefits that you need.

How Can I Afford to Hire a Long Term Disability Lawyer?

During an initial consultation, which is free, we will review the specifics of your accident and discuss your legal options. If we determine that we can handle your case, we will represent you on a contingent fee basis. You will not be charged for legal fees or costs unless we obtain compensation for you through a settlement or court award. At that time, the fee for our legal representation will come from a percentage of the final award.

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