Social Security Disability Attorney William Hemmers.

Bill Hemmers focuses on helping people when they are down.

Before joining The Disparti Law Group, P.A., in 2005, he represented consumer debtors in bankruptcy claims, navigating them through the myriad of federal issues. Today he helps clients work through Social Security disability and personal injury issues.

When Hemmers passed the Florida Bar in 2002, he wanted to use his expertise to help people. He admits that he did not choose his area of law so much as it chose him.

“When dealing with clients typically under extreme financial distress, I have to be an attorney  and often a counselor. I  am sympathetic knowing their financial, emotional and physical well-being is at stake, although not necessarily a multimillion dollar claim, this means everything to my clients” he says. “My best moments are when a client says ‘thank you’ for my work on their behalf.”

After earning his undergraduate degree from Towson University in Maryland and his Juris Doctor from Widener University School of Law in Delaware, Hemmer quickly learned how to work closely with clients. A strong work ethic and keen interpersonal skills have led to his successful practice.

“I have many clients and organizational skills vital for success. I am also very diligent,” he says. “I have good rapport with judges, and  my goal is to always exceed their expectations.”

He also has longevity with his firm and enjoys good relationships with his fellow attorneys and staff.

Over the years, Hemmers has developed an interest in medical information, and he is fascinated with learning about medical conditions and how they affect people.

“In the beginning, it was challenging to learn about medical conditions and the different ways they impact clients,” he says. “I have learned how to look at claimants’ cases in more than one way, and I know there is more than one approach to success in a case.”

Hemmers enjoys challenges, and his greatest triumphs come when he wins in cases that feature minimal evidence.

“Many times I know going in the deck is stacked against us, but I will do everything in my power to achieve a positive outcome,” he says.

Hemmers grew up in Long Island and settled in Tampa because of the opportunities the area offers young lawyers.  He enjoys the Gulf Coast and the area’s diversity.

He does admit that he misses New York cuisine.

Hemmers loves sports, especially hockey and baseball. He is a Tampa Bay Lightning fan, and holds a never ending allegiance to the Yankees.

A family man, Hemmers is married with two young children.

At work, Hemmers takes pride in doing a good job for his clients.

“When clients choose our firm, they are going to get the best level of representation,” he says. “We genuinely care about people.”