Holiday Truck Accident Lawyer Overview

Some of the most devastating motor vehicle accidents are those involving semi-trucks or tractor trailers. Due to a truck’s added weight and lack of maneuverability, these crashes often result in serious injuries or even death.

If you or a loved one suffered injury in one of these terrible crashes, consider reaching out to a Holiday truck accident lawyer. A dedicated personal injury attorney understands the dangers of a truck accident and could fight for fair compensation on your behalf.

Assigning Responsibility in Truck Accidents

Truck accident victims who were partially to blame for the crash may still be eligible for some compensation. This concept is incredibly important in motor vehicle accident cases, because many of them feature at least some degree of liability on the parts of both involved drivers.

In Holiday, civil law handles this situation by forcing the court hearing the case to apportion percentages of liability for the accident onto each party involved. Accident victims seeking compensation for their losses receive a percentage of fault, just like the truck driver and anyone else involved in the accident. The victim’s compensation would then be reduced by their percentage of the fault.

If a court decides that a victim was 40 percent at fault for an accident, they would only be eligible to recover for 60 percent of their total damages at most. Importantly, this rule applies even if the victim bears more than half of the total fault, an interpretation of comparative fault which differs from that followed by most other states. Either way, it may be important to have a Holiday truck accident attorney on hand to refute allegations of comparative negligence.

Implicating a Trucking Company in the Case to Recover Full Compensation

While the injuries sustained in a truck accident can be severe and debilitating, recovering full compensation for them may be more straightforward in certain situations than it would be in a car crash case. Using the legal doctrine of respondeat superior, a truck accident lawyer in Holiday may be able to hold trucking companies directly accountable for accidents caused by the drivers they employ.

Respondeat superior is the legal concept of imputing liability for the costs of an employee’s negligence onto the employer. If the truck driver was acting in the scope of their employment, then the employer may have to pay for the costs of their negligence on the job.

This concept can be crucial in truck accident litigation because truck drivers are often unable to cover the costs of a victim’s injuries out of their own pockets. Implicating the trucking company instead of the driver can help victims recovers the full compensation they need and deserve.

Seek Legal Representation from a Holiday Truck Accident Attorney

If you or someone you love suffered injury in a truck accident, calling on experienced legal counsel to represent you could be a valuable first step towards financial recovery. A dedicated attorney could be your advocate both in and out of the courtroom and could fight for the compensation you need.

Call a Holiday truck accident lawyer today to schedule a consultation. With an experienced attorney handling your case, you could focus on healing instead of your financial security.