Hillsborough County Slip and Fall Lawyer Overview

A quick trip to the grocery store or a lunch meeting at a restaurant may result in an unanticipated trip to the hospital when a dangerous condition causes you to slip and fall. Wherever your accident occurred, you may be able to hold property owners responsible for the costs of your injuries.

When property owners fail to remedy hazards on their land, a Hillsborough County slip and fall lawyer may be able to help. A seasoned personal injury attorney could represent your interests in claiming damages from all potentially responsible parties.

Slip and Fall Accidents in Hillsborough County

Business owners may be liable for the injuries that result from slips and falls, whether they occur at retail stores, offices, hotels, restaurants, or movie theaters. In the most common scenario, individuals slip on spilled liquids or other materials that store owners have not cleaned up or warned customers about.

Spills could consist of water, laundry detergent, food items, carbonated beverages, or other liquids. During a rainstorm, an excess of water tracked into a store can result in puddling and pooling of water that may make floors slippery. Similarly, floor cleaning fluids and waxes may leave surfaces dangerously slick.

Individuals may also trip and fall over uneven carpeting and flooring, holes in tile, cracked and uneven sidewalks, missing or loose handrails, and debris left in walkways. Whatever the source of the hazard may be, if the property owners should have fixed or warned others of the condition to avoid accidents, they may face liability. A slip and fall lawyer in Hillsborough County could investigate the circumstances that led to the incident and hold property owners responsible for their negligence.

Slip and Fall Accident Claims in Hillsborough County

Florida property owners must maintain reasonably safe premises for guests and customers to enter. Business owners must identify and remedy potential hazards and dangerous conditions to protect their customers. If they cannot solve the problem immediately, then they should take the steps necessary to warn visitors of the potential hazards.

Property owners must be vigilant in inspecting their premises on a routine basis during operating hours. If they fail to do so and an accident occurs, then the law presumes they had at least constructive knowledge of the hazard and should have remedied it.

If possible, injury victims or their loved ones should try to document the scene of the accident and enlist the help of witnesses to preserve evidence for a potential personal injury claim. As a slip and fall attorney in Hillsborough County may advise, business owners are likely to quickly remedy a hazardous condition after an accident, which can lead to the loss of evidence. Therefore, it is crucial for victims to contact an experienced lawyer as soon as possible.

Consult a Hillsborough County Slip and Fall Attorney Today

After a slip and fall accident occurs, you may find that despite your apparent injuries, business owners and their insurance companies are quick to deny liability. Fighting with an insurance company for compensation while still trying to physically and emotionally recover from your injuries can be challenging and overwhelming. By allowing a Hillsborough County slip and fall lawyer to help, you can focus on your physical health and your legal advocate can focus on your claim. Call today to set up a consultation.