There are many different factors which may contribute to the process of determining liability in a Cook County head-on collision. If you suffered a severe injury in such an accident, you may want to seek the legal services of an attorney who is familiar with such cases.

An experienced head-on car wreck attorney could help a person by examining the case facts and researching various legal options that may be applicable to the case. Injuries from head-on collisions often require extensive medical care which could become expensive quickly. An injured person may not have the financial resources to address their medical needs appropriately. However, an attorney who understands the complexities of a head-on collision accident could help a person file for financial compensation to address such needs. Call today and arrange for a legal consultation.

Factors That May Impact Establishing Fault in a Car Accident

Determining liability in a Cook County head-on collision often requires looking at where the impact occurred. The lane where the accident occurred may indicate that a driver was in their lane and the other party crossed the centerline which could be viewed as recklessness or a violation of traffic law.

There are also many other factors to consider when determining fault for a head-on collision. Speed is one and the ability to avoid the accident is another. Even though one driver crosses the centerline, if the other vehicle is driving too fast for conditions, there may be some contributory negligence. In a head-on collision where one party crosses the centerline, if it is possible to prove which party crossed the centerline and prove where the accident occurred on the roadway, a person could potentially succeed in demonstrating another party’s negligence in court.

Additionally, when a person operates a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol they could be held liable in a collision. While such an accident could result in severe physical injury, a person could face legal consequences such as fines or incarceration upon the conviction of a DUI charge.

Before accepting a settlement offer or speaking with an insurance company, speak with a skilled lawyer who could assist in determining liability in a Cook County head-on collision. They could help a person identify factors that may show how another party acted negligently and fight for fair compensation.

Types of Damages That May Be Available

Someone who has suffered injuries in a head-on collision may be eligible to receive damages. In most cases, a person could ask to be compensated for property damage, medical bills, loss of income, and loss of future earnings potential. Punitive damages are not typically permitted unless a person could prove that the defendant acted in a willful and wanton manner with reckless disregard for the safety of others. Obtaining breathalyzer results to show intoxication could be one form of demonstrating such negligence. Additionally, if the accused was fleeing the scene of a crime and caused a head-on collision, they could potentially be held liable for punitive damages.

To learn more about determining liability in a Cook County head-on collision schedule an appointment with a proficient car accident attorney. Obtaining legal representation could help a person understand and prepare for different court procedures that may be part of their case.

Role of an Attorney in a Car Accident Case

Most of the time, an attorney first obtains all of the information about the accident, gets the police report information about the driver, and pictures of the accident scene. The attorney may also try to secure video from nearby traffic cameras and security cameras. Additionally, they could collect physical evidence relating to the moment of impact to help determine the cause of the accident as well as damage to the vehicles, and pictures of the airbags that may have deployed.

The attorney generally works to ensure proper communication is made to the appropriate insurance companies. They may put the insurance companies on notice of the accident. This is an important step to complete following an accident, as this typically helps to make sure that the rights and claims under the coverage of applicable policies are protected and preserved.

A Lawyer Could Help With Determining Liability in a Cook County Head-On Collision

If you sustained a significant injury during a head-on collision, contact a dedicated lawyer who could help in the process of determining liability in a Cook County head-on collision. Accurately establishing fault in such a collision could strongly help a person’s case succeed in court. Call today and request a legal consultation to begin assessing potential legal options.