Aaron received his undergraduate degree in Special Education from Northeastern Illinois University in 2011. He received his Juris Doctorate from Southern Illinois University School of Law in 2016. Prior to attending law school, Aaron worked as a special education teacher at a therapeutic day school in Chicago, primarily serving students with emotional and behavioral disorders. In this role, Aaron worked closely with clinical professionals, educators, administrators, and students’ families. This collaborative approach allowed Aaron to provide a high quality individualized education which met the needs of each student.

In 2013, Aaron pursued his longtime dream of attending law school. While in law school, Aaron completed internships with the Office of the Cook County Public Guardian, both in its Juvenile Division, as well as its Adult Guardianship Division. While interning in the Juvenile Division, Aaron was able to support advocacy efforts on behalf of children in the child welfare system. His Adult Guardianship Division internship allowed Aaron to expand his skill set. There, he presented petitions in Probate Court on behalf of elderly individuals and those with disabilities. Additionally, he assisted the office’s Financial Recovery Unit in civil prosecutions of financial exploitation cases. Aaron honed his ability to advocate on behalf of individuals with physical and mental disabilities while externing at Equip for Equality. Aaron’s extensive experiences solidified his commitment to working with individuals with disabilities.

Aaron participated in ancillary activities, volunteer work, and leadership positions throughout law school. He served as Secretary, and then as President of SIU Law’s chapter of the Decalogue Society. During Aaron’s second year of law school, he was invited to join the Journal of Legal Medicine, a national peer-reviewed health law journal, as a staff member. While serving in this role, Aaron wrote a commentary on involuntary psychiatric commitment standards; proposing less restrictive community based alternatives. His commentary was ultimately selected for publication. He was elected to serve as Commentary Managing Editor on the Journal of Legal Medicine during his third year of law school. At the end of his term, Aaron received an outstanding leadership award in recognition of his ability to lead and support both staff members and editors.  While demonstrating a strong commitment to his academics, Aaron still found time to volunteer in the law school’s self-help legal clinic where he provided referrals and resources to individuals seeking legal help. Aaron also worked as a Taylor Mattis Fellow, a unique role in which he provided mentorship to first year law students at SIU.

Aaron joined Disparti Law Group in 2017 in hopes of continuing his passion for advocating on behalf of individuals with disabilities. A teacher at heart, Aaron strives to help people navigate the complex Social Security Disability application process while educating them along the way.