Firm’s Approach to Chicago Traumatic Brain Injury Cases Overview

Finding an attorney with experience handling traumatic brain injury (TBI) cases is crucial. Further, finding a law firm with the necessary resources to bring the strongest case possible is also hugely important. This makes discussing a firm’s approach to Chicago traumatic brain injury cases before agreeing to work with them necessary. Speaking with a knowledgeable traumatic brain injury lawyer about their experience and approach can help you determine whether they are the right attorney for your case.

What Qualities Should a Person Look for in a TBI Lawyer?

When seeking advice from a traumatic brain injury lawyer, clients should look for an attorney who is understanding, compassionate, and empathetic toward the situation. That attorney should also have experience bringing claims for traumatic brain injuries. An attorney should be able to talk about similar cases that they handled in the past. Experience really does matter when someone has a very serious injury. Therefore, it is important to speak with an attorney before agreeing to work with them on a case.

Benefits of Working with a Law Firm in a Traumatic Brain Injury Case

A law firm typically has more resources than a private practitioner. The more significant a case is, usually, the more expensive that case is to litigate. Therefore, if a solo practitioner is handling the case, they may not have the resources to litigate it, if necessary. They may not be able to hire medical experts or pay for depositions. When they go with a larger firm or a firm that has the capability to do that, they can trust that important evidence is not being passed over because the attorney just does not have the funds to pursue the case to the fullest extent.

A firm that is larger and has more capital can afford to hire the experts, take depositions, and build the strongest case possible. A large firm is also fully staffed, with assistants and other attorneys in the office. An attorney can further explain the benefits of working with a large firm.

Paying for Representation

A consultation is typically free. An injured person can call anytime and set up a meeting. Most law firms are happy to speak to anyone to evaluate whether they can help them. Further, most cases are taken on a contingency fee, meaning the client does not pay unless they win their case. In that case, if the law firm is successful, the fees and any costs would come out of the settlement award.

If the case is not successful, no costs are passed along to the client. The law firm would assume those costs, which is why they screen their cases carefully. They would generally not take a case unless they thought the person had a strong case.

Reach Out to Discuss the Firm’s Approach to Chicago Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

It is important to learn about a law firm’s approach to Chicago TBI cases before deciding whether they would be a good fit. To discuss your case and how an attorney can help, call today for a free consultation.

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