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Chicago Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

The brain is the most complex organ in the entire human body, and when trauma occurs within it, any related civil case is often very complicated as well. Injuries may be different for every individual suffering from a traumatic brain injury, meaning the costs for treating those injuries could vary widely as well.

One element of any traumatic brain injury case that remains the same, though, is that when the injury is the result of someone else’s negligence, the injured party may be able to file a lawsuit to seek compensation. If you find yourself in such a situation, you may benefit from the help of a Chicago traumatic brain injury lawyer when trying to pursue damages. A skilled catastrophic accident attorney could help you fight for the damages you deserve.

Traumatic Brain Injury Laws in Chicago

Any Chicago resident can file a lawsuit for a traumatic brain injury (TBI) if the injury was the fault of someone else. This is the concept of negligence in legal terms. Everyone is expected to act in a reasonable manner to ensure the safety of those around them. If they fail to do so, they have acted negligently and could be held liable for paying compensation to the injured party.

For example, all drivers are expected to follow traffic laws, including stopping at red lights. If they fail to do so and cause a TBI in the driver of another car that they run into, a traumatic brain injury lawyer in Chicago could help the injured driver file a lawsuit against that negligent driver. The compensation the injured individual seeks could include medical expenses, pain and suffering, loss of income, and other expenses related to the injury.

Insurance Issues in Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

In many traumatic brain injury claims, dealing with an insurance company may be a significant issue. After a car accident, for instance, the at-fault driver’s insurance company would be responsible for paying some benefits to the injured individual.

However, dealing with insurance companies can be notoriously difficult. While they gladly accept premiums that help boost their own bottom line, the tactics they often use when someone makes a claim is to deny, delay, and defend—all so they can avoid paying out large sums of benefits that would take away from those profits.

Likelihood of Denying Benefits

A denial of benefits can be severely detrimental to an injured individual, as it may mean they do not receive any compensation for their injuries. Even a delay in benefits could force a person to pay their injury-related expenses out of their own pocket, which—considering the high cost of treating these types of injuries—could cripple their finances.

Insurance companies are often far less likely to try to defend, delay, and deny when a Chicago traumatic brain injury lawyer is involved in the case. These companies understand that attorneys are aware of their tactics and could deal directly and aggressively with insurance representatives on their injured client’s behalf, so they have the best chance possible of receiving a fair and quick settlement.

Receiving accident benefits from an insurance company does not mean that a lawsuit cannot still be filed. When insurance benefits do not cover the full cost of the injury, an attorney could also help an accident victim file a lawsuit to recover compensation for the remainder.

Contact a Chicago Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney Right Away

Like in most other personal injury cases, the victim of a TBI has only two years to file a lawsuit pertaining to their injury. Also, eyewitness testimony can become less reliable and evidence may disappear or become lost over time. These are just two reasons why it could be so important for you to speak to a Chicago traumatic brain injury lawyer as soon as possible.

If you have suffered a traumatic brain injury because of someone else’s actions, call a local attorney today to get your case reviewed. There are options for compensation, and a skilled lawyer could help you pursue all of them.

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