Car Accident

Safety Tips for Driving in Unfavorable Weather Conditions
Any time of year, anywhere in the United States, you can encounter adverse weather that can cause dangerous driving conditions. From rain and snow to ...
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Is My Car Accident Settlement Taxable?
Vehicle accidents can be utterly devastating in any number of ways. Not only do you have to deal with medical costs and ongoing pain and suffering, bu...
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Drunk Driving Accidents Involving Pedestrians
Drunk driving accidents are nothing short of an epidemic on our roadways. Well over a million people are arrested on U.S. roadways every year due to d...
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What You Should Know About Medical Liens
After you’ve won a personal injury settlement following a serious accident, it can feel like you’ve reached the end of a long journey. However, if...
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Injury Lawsuits: Do You Have to Go to Court?
A personal injury lawsuit can manifest in many different ways. Before you file a lawsuit, you must first speak with your personal injury lawyer and de...
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The Damages and Compensation Formula: What You Need to Know
If you have been injured and have enough evidence to substantiate a personal injury claim, there is a formula that insurance companies use to figure o...
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The Cost of Forgoing Underinsured Motorist Coverage
When you get into an accident and the other driver is at fault, you generally file a claim against their auto insurance company to cover your damages ...
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How Is Fault Determined When Bad Weather is Involved?
In general, when you are in a car accident, liability is based on the negligence of one party. The person who fails to behave properly is responsible ...
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Is the Car Owner at Fault for the Car Accident?
When you’re in a car accident, it’s a traumatic time. Of course, you don’t think you did anything wrong, and you just want to be compensated for...
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Tips For Driving Safely Through the Snow
With winter just around the corner, the threat of icy, snowy weather is almost here. While the snow is certainly beautiful to look at, it can be an ab...
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