Bolingbrook Burn Injury Lawyer Overview

According to the American Burn Association, about 45,000 people each year are hospitalized due to burn injuries, more than half of whom end up being admitted to specialty burn centers. Burns can happen due to open flames or fires, scalding, electrical equipment, chemical exposure, or any number of other reasons. Surprisingly, approximately 10 percent of all burn injuries occur in the workplace.

Anyone who suffers a burn injury in a construction site accident, an explosion at an industrial plant, or some other serious event while on the clock may be eligible to receive compensation that a personal injury attorney could help them pursue. No matter how you received your serious burn injuries, a Bolingbrook burn injury lawyer may be able to help you. Call to schedule a consultation with a compassionate catastrophic injury attorney.

Compensation for Burn Injuries in Illinois

Burn injuries can often come with severe and long-lasting effects. Victims may require complex reconstructive surgeries, develop infections secondary to the burn, or have other burn-related medical problems that cause medical expenses to skyrocket. However, a skilled attorney could help an injured individual recover damages.

While these costs are often the primary motivator for burn victims to seek justice, it is often important to view such a situation holistically in order to make a settlement demand that encompasses all of a burn victim’s injuries and losses. That is why Illinois allows for compensation for other types of damages in addition to past and future medical expenses, including:

  • Loss of quality of life
  • Loss of companionship and consortium
  • Lost wages
  • Lost or decreased future earning capacity
  • Mental anguish
  • Pain and suffering
  • Legal expenses

In many cases, a pre-trial settlement can be reached based on some or all these factors. If not, the case could go to trial and a jury could decide whether the plaintiff would be compensated and how much they would receive. This process differs in every burn case, though, so potential plaintiffs should speak with a Bolingbrook burn injury lawyer for assistance determining what damages they may be entitled to.

Comparative Fault

Illinois is a comparative fault state. This means that if a plaintiff is found to be partially responsible for their injuries—for instance, if they did not follow protocol for handling equipment or chemicals that caused their severe burns—their total award would be reduced.

When applicable, the jury in a Bolingbrook burn injury case may assign a percentage of fault to the plaintiff. This percentage would then be used to determine the amount of compensation that the plaintiff is due. If it is determined that the plaintiff is at least 50 percent responsible for their own injuries, they would be barred by law from recovering for their damages.

Talk to a Bolingbrook Burn Injury Attorney

A Bolingbrook burn injury lawyer could review your case and help you develop a strategic plan of action to demonstrate the extent of your injuries, what you have been or are currently going through, and what this ordeal has cost you not just financially but also emotionally, mentally, and physically.

If you or a loved one is facing a burn injury that could be the fault of another party, reach out to an experienced attorney today. A legal professional may be able to work with your physicians to strengthen your case with medical evidence of your damages. Call now to schedule a consultation.

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