Can Passengers Get Compensated If They’re Hurt in a Car Accident?

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Even if you’re just the passenger in a car accident, you can still obtain compensation for injuries the accident causes. You medical treatments and other accident-related expenses can be placed into a compensation claim with the liable party’s insurance company. To navigate this complex process, it’s helpful to have the knowledge of a Tampa personal injury attorney at your disposal. To get the best representation in personal injury cases, turn to the team at Disparti Law Group. Those of us at Disparti Law Group want passengers to learn how they can receive just compensation after the trauma of a car accident.

Passengers Should Submit an Injury Claim with a Third Party

Usually, either the driver of the car in which you’re a passenger or the other driver/s involved in the accident become the liable party in car collisions. As a passenger, you should submit your claim to either the insurance company of the driver operating the vehicle you were in or the company of the other driver/s. Because you’re submitting a claim with an insurer who is not your own, you’re claim is considered a “third party” claim.

In some cases, it’s advisable to file a claim with all parties’ insurance agencies to ensure you receive full compensation. One driver’s policy may not cover all the damages you experienced, and you may need to submit a claim with another driver’s insurer to gain the rest of your compensation. It is important to note, however, that filing a claim with more than one company does not mean you will receive more than the value of your claim. One company will simply cover the remaining expenses that the first company cannot cover.

You May be a Family Member of the Driver

If this is the case, you will most likely be unable to submit a claim against the driver of the car you were in. The driver, your family member, will likely have an insurance policy that covers family-member passengers. It is not possible to file a claim of liability against a policy under which you are insured.

You May Have Medical Payments Coverage

The claims process can be time consuming, and you may not see compensation from your claim for some time after the accident. Often, injured passengers need to pay medical bills for accident-related injuries before the compensation is decided. In these cases, you can file a medical payments coverage, or MedPay, claim to receive quick compensation to pay your bills. Insurance policies frequently include MedPay coverage, but people are not aware of it. If you need to pay for medical treatment, make sure you check the insurance policy for MedPay.

You shouldn’t count on MedPay to cover all your treatment expenses, however. MedPay has limits like all insurance policies. Unfortunately, MedPay limits are typically lower than the money needed to fully pay for medical expenses. In this case, you can file a claim with the insurer of another liable party to try and receive MedPay coverage for whatever amount remains from your expenses.

Contact a Tampa Personal Injury Attorney from Disparti Law Group

No one plans on being in a car accident, but the misfortune does arise. If you’re a passenger and you’re injured in a car accident, don’t fret. In order to win the full compensation you need, hire an attorney from Disparti Law Group. Contact Disparti Law Group to find a highly-qualified Tampa personal injury attorney to help you with your claim.

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